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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  August 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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the staff and i go into any details that they are making at the hospital. as the family hopeful that they will see the baby again?fa at this point.they have essentially given up hope, but they're still pln you can say, clowns are moving in after another gorgeous day hereo in northeast ohio.. >> we know that some rainfall i headed our wayis this week, i think that most of it is lookin spectacular. >> in the meantime, this is the
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storms that are to the last color currently 86 hopkins in your 90 akron canton , 85 booster. lower dew points remain across easter counties to the last it is slightly humid. you can see the high clouds otherwise the rainfall is staying put it cannot actually stay intact because it's r stable air. there could be a spot shower overnightht , tomorrow, but they found scattered showers/storms about that perso coverage in tomorrow the front will be out of here allowing fo some cool ai to move in tomorrow night. hard to say the amount of rainfall, around one
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mid- 60s, fairly quiet tonight. better chances tomorrow afternoon high above 80 degrees this will open the door to some coolest air we have felt in a long time. >> thsr browns player jim brown, is never shied away from taking th stand on social issues and now he's taking sidesue on one of the most controversi ourrent player >> says he supports a player wh refuses to stand up for the national anthem as dave nethers joins ushe from browns headquarters where he remains a special advisor to the team. that player that he says he supports hisis quarterback coli kaepernick. who is refusing to stand during the national anthe as a demonstration against what
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brutality. we know that jim brown has never shied away from taking the stand on social issues using his opposition to draw attention to try to advanc issues that includead racial inequality. colin kaepernick refused to stand during the anthem andd the games because he says thehe flag stands for libe and happen for all people, speaking on the nfl network, jim brown said that while he does not agree with his method he appliances message in error browns camp starting quarterback robert griffin iii says he respects jim brown tremendously and can judge judges san francisco careerboard here is what jim brown had to say.ts >> he makes all the sensible world he world he is within his telling the 's truth as he sees in color and i
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stance on american flag i can judge her father had, my stance is thatf i am a military brat my parents both served my mom did 13 that represent something totally different so i cannot judge him1 on what his stances what his beliefs are i can only just go about it the way that i know how to. >> y jim brown said that his issue is not with that it is young black men killing other young black men. he says that is the most important issue, colin kaepernick says he will continu to sit through theo the anthem that he feels
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>> > i-team tracking developments in northeast ohio as families i do get is drawing attention color teenage girl suspected of killing her father because of domestic violence come peggy gallek has the latest hearing was held for bresha meadows, family/friends stood in the hal to showse park for the the family/friends at trumbull county family court to offer support she was arrested on an aggravated murde charge july 208 after her fathe jonathan meadows was shot and killed inside the home, brandi meadows, mother says that he he abused her for years and she wa trying to help, prosecutor stanley elkins says the case is still being investigated and no
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be tried as an adult. her attorney wants released. i hav a girl sitting in a jail cell and she needs to get outg. forget about, it is a human being who, has got to get out what she went through is not something that. >> 's remains in a juvenile detention center another pretrial is scheduled for october. the attorney was in family hoping that she would get some kind of house arrest but does not look that is going to happen at least for can the place trying to get to the bottom of a double homicide,' 9:00 a.m. today a person called 911 said at a wall can to her home said that someone had been shot when police responded, th
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three children inside were not injured victim is 35-year-old joshua weatherspoon the other not identified. good news for cleveland metropolitan schools the teachers teachers union wil not go on strikeke lorrie taylo joins us with details. both sides are keeping details of th agreement quiet until members of the union and school board have a chance t contractve come it will be made public after . the teachers union and the metro school district reach a tentative agreement about 5:00 a.m. today after working 21 hours both sides must now ratify the contract,t, their representatives seem pleased with the proposed deal.r says that we worked hard to avoid any disruption to
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students and for educators that they members will be proud to ratify. schools ceo eric gordo says we are pleased to take a contract to the board about sites he is fair. union announced plans to go on strike thursday if an agreement cannot be reached. if the teachers and school board ratify the contract. it will be effective immediately it is checking back to see what the city is doing about a problem we expose of putting children in danger there is a big shortage of crossing guards, ed gallek as latest. progress filling the gaps that dozens of crossing guard jobs have gone unfilled since we first uncovered the problem we have found that cit hall says city five crossing guard jobs are open several
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the first day of the school year at that time we fel nearly one quarter of alloo crossing guard jobs were unveiled no clear explanation that city start of the year wit so many openings please do noto the hiring and they were not answer questionsns these jobs can be critical last year we showed you my child nearly killedn by hit-and-run driver outside of a cleveland metropolitan school district with no crossing guard what about those positions that are ti being done? that part of the story coming up at 5:00 p.m. not a lot of money but it is about $20 per day that they lik to do the job because it also includes health benefitske . please tell at the standoff at the home of a celebrity who has been in trouble with the law
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they responded to 911 calls from a woman1 at the home of chris br at 9:00 a.m. today claiming she argued with him and that's what he threatened her with a gun, they've been waiting outside th home to talk to brown after she filed a formal complaint, so fa they have not talked to him because according to investigators there waiting on search warrant for the home he has posted several videos to his instagram account claiming he did nothing wrong and that he's tired of dealing with the police reports say that lapd has been called to the residence five times in the past year. they say that they have recovered guns and drugs that he threw ou the window in a duffel bagu as
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it is a stressful situation there in la currently. here is a young man who had so much going for him. >> he does not want to follow by the simple rules and regulation of the land. >> how much do you think that the issueses cost? anything less than three figure
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barneys new york rose byrne accused of insulting
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notice you hear test runs for the labor day weekend air show. i believe the ranges are in town. town. tomorrow will be some scattered showers s. those dewpoint the eastern one third of the state and humid conditions to the west. rain-cooled pockets of air like milwaukee with 71. th clouds are coming from illinois and indiana. i they will not
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overnight tonight a spot shower in the western counties that mostly hold off till tomorrow. a cold front that will unlock the door to cooler temperatures hurricane gaston, moving toward bermuda. of cuba into the gulf. tropica depression number eight near th outer banks color than tomorrow it will move away from mainland us. with winds gusting up to 35. it is going to skim the george and carolina coastline before it goes awayy it could b
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back home, watch this front with a brief shower tonight and tomorrow on enough showers/storms tonight partly to mostly cloudy. spotty showers with more in the afternoon tomorrow. bedtime tomorrow night the cooler air will be moving in rapidly comin will be cool enough that on that could be a shower. rainfall amounts hard to say, between one tenth and one quarter inchh. mid-sixties, partly cloudy tomorrow your 80 degrees. then
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could be a brief lake-effect shower thursday than friday for the football and labor day weekend color will bebe good for anything outdoor activity. the indians will be out of town in two week with a ballpark will be goo, the walk to and lupus will be held saturdayay september 10 a progressive took part last year each raised or donated at least $20 researc they say the most important par is to raise awareness in this helps to spread the message. the research could give us a better future possibly cure or treatmentt color the hardest thing is there is not a cure and there is not a dedicated
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the largest gathering off lupus patients and supporters in the state for more info fox >> the ball is back, a study says what should be done after
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european union regulators say thatat apple is on the hook for billions in back taxes. they say ireland gave illegal tax breaks to apple in exchange for job creation, regulators demand that apple pay more than $14 billion plus interest to th irish government, apple ceo tim cook responded said that the company followed international
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an appeal on this person doesn' ruling, ireland is also plannin to appeal. doctors say the minutes after a concussion or key to a recovery >> the findings of the study published say that even though they may not want to come in athletesme should not continue playing they say that those who kept playing after concussion took double the time to recover than those who stopped playing. they say the results are the first to focus on why treating concussions is difficult in a sports culture that instead urges them to play through the pain instead of taking time to heal,gh doctors and coaches say that sometimes they are reluctant to acknowledge injurieshe according to doctors teenagers who stopped playing
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than double colored an average of 44 days.o they say there is little difference between boys and girlss the bottom line is that if you play with a concussionf and doubles recover time. north carolina , divers make a discovery at the bottom of a lake. >> elizabeth noreika with more on the find puzzledh. >> they said they never found anything like this, and they found a gray that turned a treasure hunt to a search for answers. the diver said they were treasure hunting in lake hickory when they noticed a stone that was too perfect to b a. i then realized it was
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who said they have not had any reports of a greystone stalin, record say that thompson should be varied at a cemetery but so farth no family has come forwar with details. >> ashes dumped in the leg, but actual greystone'scurrent si something that you find. if a family member past and they wan to make this a memorial stop we don't want to bring that up we want to show respectct and leav the. they saw that wanda was unique they will not disturb it until i have answers so there are two working theories that either it was made and there wa a mistake so it was discarded the other theory is that someon stole it, and then threw it int
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they said they want to make sure that it gets back to where ity belongs so they're going to hold onto it to keep it safe until a family member claims it could clowns are supposed to bring joy and happiness. people in an apartment complex or on edge after reports of someone
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and defunding planned parenthood.
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and opposing equal pay for women. ted strickland respects the rights of women to make their own decisions. rob portman has endorsed a man for president who doesn't respect women at all.
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high tomorrow near 80. we had some 70s over the next eight days.w the second time in thre
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suspects involved in a smash an grab. jack shea joins us with details on how the police didn't.ckck the answer is that someone got involved and gave them the information to find them. over the past two years in a well organized group of these destroyed businesses in the quest for atm cashue that their destructive reign ended in early august. strongsville police pursuit of the suspects catching two of them and lead to the rest of my
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group of thieves attempting to use an suv to break into the cleveland food market on clark avenue. there was a big boom i thought that's what had hit my car and some i was ramming into the store to steal the atm >> she saw a man jumped into a jeep parked nearby, when the police arrived colored she gave them a good descriptio of the vehicle. they were able to catch up to them on the side of resting for suspects,u her decision to get involved resulted in the apprehension of a second group of these in the cleveland area in the past thre weeks. >> said the recent she got involved was out of respect for
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>> i felt really bad especially for this local store. he has been here a long time and nothing like this has happened this is the first time and he's a good guy they believe the same group arrested today may have committed at least five other smash and grabs, they're not getting away with it anymore. something sinister in south carolina words clowns have been cited behind a greenville apartment complex, spotted by kids who said they were offered large sums of money, authoritie have received several reports but have not found suspects, parents are worried about their kids safety.
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everybody. that is your child. so far place have not been able to find evidencece of the clown but they have too many reports for it to be isolated incident. video for washington state show a mother throwing herr 4-year-o son off a bridge. witnesses that it was in good fun and non of their business, so they called the police. i was scared because i thought he was going to hit his head and then i thought that he broke his neck he has a life jacket on so he got sucked up really fast . now the mother and the man she was charged with
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>> four years after the shooting massacre at sandy hook elementary a new school welcome the school were 2 people were killed was torn down, the new school looks nothing like th old building and built with security as the main concernil the ground floor is elevated so it's hard to see in the classroomstd and a feature impact resistant windows and state-of-the-art surveillance systema. in iraq has been destroyed and was used as a headquarters for isis, coalition aircraft this conducted a airstrike the distractionco of the something hopefully hamper their groupo from training foreign fighters in northern iraq law enforcement sources say the fbi could publicly releasesenf the report the hillary clinton e-mail
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also release notes of their intervie with her not yet released our notes of interviews involving her aides or other materials that were sent to congress. hillary clinton will return to northeast ohio attending the 11th districtcttt congressional parade the event sponsored by congresswoman marcia fudge who recently chaired the democratic national convention in talk to a crow in luke easter park the ta cc republican party is officially endorsing donald trump the president, the decision announced today was made during the party executive meetingon h received the backing of two jo kasich delegates to the rnc as well as a marco rubio delegate, chairman rob frost says that he share the vision that they need to become a more ir inclusive, focus party.
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indicates we may not be alone hears lou maglio with a look at it.. astronomers say that telescopes have picked up a radio wavev from your space, na saysfr it was picked up this we by a russian telescope now the scientists all over our putting their telescope store that star to learn morei , it came about four light-years from earth they say that they're trying to terminate the radio wave was artificialtt if it was they say could show signs of a civilization that does further advancedsiv than ours massa says in such a civilization is out there, the radio wave means that they harness the power of the stars something that is still decades awayns on earth. this could be a big deal, they say that they will continue to
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of the neighbors decide to put out anymore are your ways, the science committee here is excited about what had transpired. period details on tim tivos tryout for major league baseball and who has
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a chance of showers, i think that the game will be okay. add burke lakefront, there were som high clouds block in t rainfall producer. showers that will not be here until late tonight and most of that will you have. for a cancer. kerry had cold front arriving
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86 degrees hopkins in mansfield 90 akron canton, so very dry air for the eastern have the statete becoming more moisture related to the last especially fort wayne indianamo with showers/storms. to be in the '80s and 90s, rain-cooled air in milwaukee 71 showers/storms near chicago, michigan moving closer to northwest ohio for us scattered showers to be part of wednesday the focal point.of the moisture tomorrow and tomorrow evening, expected to be dried by seven o
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and then tomorrow evening, may get a decent sunset. then thursday, it will be cool enough the wate temperature will be upper 70s could be a few lake enhanced raindrop's comment about 20 percent , tonight mid- 60s cloudy, tomorrow 80 degrees, mostly cloudy and once the rain goes away it will take away heat and humidity. go back to the low 70s were the high and approaching upper 70s. saturday morning, low
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80 degrees sunday a long weeke for the kids with monday labor day, pools will be open for the last time and increasing a bit more by mid part next week. jen tivo is trying to ret worked out for two dozen scouts from major league baseball is not played baseball since high schoold , he was in allstate outfielder with a 500 batting average before he chose fo football, even if a major-league baseball team does not bind kauai does have an offer from a
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can the end didn't follow up on their monda night magic and josh gordon imagines a productive offense. for josh gordon it is about a fresh start coming back after missing friday night's performances in indication he certainly has missed a beat. he teamed up with rg3 for-to place with over 40 yards in his return one of those, was paydirt he's been a good team member he knows full well you will play in his first
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you is asked of this offense differs from the one he was goo in three seasons ago. a lot more detail, i am familiar because miranda before with a number of coaches. i think still have the opportunity regardless of the offense. is knowing what you're supposed to do. the end ends fresh off of victory over the twins on monda telling what can we from josh tomlinin s-e takes the mound against josh tomlin
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the so can he hit the curve and there are so many other factors he looks like a football player in a baseball outfit. asked if i were catcher color i would no want him running into me. hundreds in england hopping aboard the gravy train. to watch the world gravy wrestling championships, was plenty of g-avy for the event, 3,000 gallons of 16 men and eight women entered the ring in england, they slip n slide around a mixture of meat juice chopped up vegetables and cornflower to wrestle for the victory, three judges awarding pointsest on entertainment value, notches wrestling,, competitors
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if you stay on your feet and get the upper hand on your opponent that allows you to throw them and toss them aroundnd as you can g anyone else in your just straight over. >> just go for it and there is no techniquest. >> t the 18-year-old beat his cousin in the men's final, while rachel williams took home the women's title
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this is not for anybody with a fear of heights,s afterwards yo might question the sanity of th people in the videoqu. >> do not try anything like thi at home. >> this is video of a daredevil and romania. climbing to the
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he has no ropes or safety harnesses, you can see the in the video on a unicycle and juggling oranges anda hanging from the iron rails he says his neck. men and was complete control the entire tim
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colin kaepernick's refusal to stand during the national anthem as drawn scorn. >> some stand with them includingso a legendary member of the cleveland browns is dave nethers has more on jim brown's comments he has always been outspokenro. >> for decades, jim brown has high-profile positionon to draw attention to social issues and that's what he says he sees colin kaepernick doing in san francisco. colin kaepernick refuses to stand during the national anthem atdu 40 niners games he says the flag stand fo freedom and justiceor and belie it isn't happening for everyone jim brown, appeared on the nfl network said that while you not
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agrees with the message. jim brown is revered here for not onlyly what he accomplishes on field but his work to advance social issues off the field,b browns troubled wide receiver josh gordon is also a friend of colin kaepernickos. he is a friend of mine i have great respecti for him for him be doing that, it's great that you did and good for him, he needed to have his voice heard. he was within his rights. and he tells the truth as he sees it.. i am with them 100 percentnt. the browns said in that same discussion that colin kaepernick should not be the issue, he


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